General Questions

We offer free consultations.
Our most economical denture starts at $700. There are other options available that can be discussed at your consultation. You will be offered different options to match your needs.

No, we are not able to pull teeth. Please refer to your dentist or we can refer one to you.

We accept all insurance companies.

We support the new Federal program: Canadian Dental Care Program offered through Sun Life.
We support all Ontario programs: ODSP / OW / OSDCP / NIHB.
We are not members of RAMQ.

Yes, if you have insurance through your workplace, we can assist you.

We strive to help patients of all economical situations.

No, it doesn’t. There may be some discomfort or adaptation. We can always help with an adjustment.

  • Please contact us to schedule your consultation as soon as possible. You can also consult us prior to your teeth extraction if you would like to have Immediate Dentures.
  • After your extractions we typically wait 6-12 weeks before starting the process, this will be discussed at your consultation
  • Yes, please do not glue it together and bring it in.
  • Most dentures can be repaired, sometimes on the same day.
Please contact us to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.
  • We work in collaboration with an implantologist who is part of our team and places the implants. We make the denture or the dental prosthesis that support the implants.
  • We do not place implants. Implant placement is a speciality that must be performed by a dental implantologist or specialized dentist. However, we will assist you with this process.
  • We fabricate dentures on implants already placed, or if your implant retained dentures are worn out.

Overall Process

Typically, 4-6 weeks (however it varies based on the patient’s requirements). This will be discussed during the free Consultation appointment.
  1. Consultation
  2. 1st Impression (*can sometimes occur during Consultation)
  3. Bite
  4. Try-In
  5. Insertion
  6. Adjustment (*not always required)
  • The denturist will advise you as to how to care for your denture.
  • If you experience any discomfort after you leave, you can schedule an adjustment appointment whereby denturist will identify any required adjustments / improvements.
  • We recommend any over-the-counter denture cleaning products.
  • We currently carry Nova-Dent at our office, which we recommend.
  • Alternative options include products such as ‘Poli-Dent’.
  • No, do not use toothpaste on your denture.
  • The ingredients in toothpaste cause the teeth on the denture to wear out and can make your denture loose.
  • You should remove your denture every night when you go to sleep.
  • This will keep your gums healthy, and give your denture a chance to get cleaned.