First Appointment

Your needs are assessed, and all possible options are discussed. Together we find the best option for you and come up with a treatment plan. You have absolutely no obligation to continue but you have all the information you need to make an informed and educated decision based on your own individual needs.

This takes as much time as is necessary for you to be comfortable, ask any and all questions you might have and be confident in your decision.

First Impressions

Sometimes this appointment can be completed during the consultation if you feel you are ready to start.

This takes about 10-15 minutes. We will take a mould of your mouth.

Second appointment

Together by talking, we choose the look and colour of your teeth based on what you want. We also take measurements of your mouth and jaw and record our findings with very specialized techniques refined through years of training, research and experience.

This appointment can take up to 30 minutes

Third appointment

Try in
We get to see what the teeth are going to look like and assure you like the teeth and their colour. We also double check all the technical work. If anything is not up to your liking we change it. Rarely but sometimes a second try in is needed. This is a result of constantly striving for excellence. We will not complete the denture(s) until you are extremely satisfied.

Usually this appointment takes 10-15 minutes but may take longer as we are striving for perfection.

Fourth appointment

You get to wear your teeth home! Some checks are made to assure the maximum comfort and maximum fit and you get to take them home! We also give you cleaning and maintenance tips to assure you enjoy your new smile for many many years.

This appointment takes about 15 minutes

Fifth appointment

All our dentures and relines come with a 90 day free adjustment period. This is to offer you peace of mind. Occasionally after you wear your teeth for a few days we need to make certain minor adjustments. This is totally normal. These adjustments are usually very quick and minor. They are of no cost to you, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your new teeth.

Most adjustments take a few minutes but this is also the time to tell the denturist and the team how much you, your friends and family are enjoying your new teeth, your new smile and your new confidence.